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Christmas Eve Service

Filled with Joy

Love of Every Longing Heart

Light of Every Longing Heart

Christmas Service

Guest Preacher: Allison Storch

Let Us Adore Him (Advent 4, Love)

    This is the last Sunday of Advent, the Sunday of love. We’re one week away from Christmas now, so we begin to move from the longing and waiting of Advent, to the familiar nativity story. We expect shepherds in fields, keeping watch over their flocks by night. We expect innkeepers with stable…

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Let Us Adore Him (Advent 3, Joy)

    In the NASB translation of the Bible, the section of Scripture we’re going to look at today has a header called “Exhortation”, and I think it is very aptly named. This passage is encouragement to find the joy and cling to the joy of the Lord in all life’s circumstances. I’ve asked a question…

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Let Us Adore Him (Advent 2, Peace)

    What is peace? Given that we’ve just lit the candle of peace, it’s worth considering. Is peace just the absence of conflict? That would certainly be the way the world wold want to describe peace. When we think about how the world would think about peace, we understand that they would take it…

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Let Us Adore Him (Advent 1, Hope)

    Advent is the season of preparing for the light of the world to enter the world. It is about preparing our hearts for Christ. It is, as we’ll read in our passage this morning, the season of the dawn. We know what beautiful dawns look like here, when the sun is just starting to come over the …

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A Great Light (2 Corinthians 4:6)

    “The people who walk in darkness Will see a great light; Those who live in a dark land, The light will shine on them.” (Isaiah 9:2, NASB). The prophet Isaiah wrote those words about 700 years before they came true. He talked about a great light that would shine in the darkness, on all…

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Guest Preacher--Allison Storch

Guest Speaker Allison with an Advent message about Love.

The Greatest Joy

    I want you to take a moment and think of the most recent event in your life when you felt overwhelming joy. I’m talking something that just made you so exuberantly joyful, when you were absolutely, completely overwhelmingly joyful. Like you could have said in that moment, “Ah! Yeah! This mom…

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Guest Preacher--Eden Avalos

Guest Preacher--Eden Avalos preaching an advent message about hope.

Listen (1 Samuel 3:1, 7-10)

    In his book, Whisper, Mark Batterson gives the story of a very renowned opera singer. This opera singer, a man, had an incredible vocal range spanning several octaves. One morning after a particularly exhaustive show, the man woke up to find that he could no longer hit some of the higher …

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Holiday Greetings

Just for fun!

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Christmas Eve Service 2020

A Celebration of the Light of Christ through Christmas Carols and the Reading of Scripture

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Mary's Song (Luke 1:46-56)

    Today is the fourth and last Sunday of Advent. Today is the day we celebrate the Love of God, and we prepare our hearts for Christmas and the return of Christ by remembering the great love He has for us and the love He calls us to have for others.
    This morning I want to look at what …

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Advent: Joy (Luke 1:26-38)

Guest Preacher: Allison Storch

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People of Peace (2 Peter 3:8-15)

    Sometimes I wonder what early Christians would think about the current world, but in a very specific way. Let me explain…
    Just about 60 or 70 years after Jesus ascended into heaven, the church began to wonder, “Where is Jesus? When will He return? Why hasn’t He come back yet? Shoul…

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A Glimmer of Hope (Isaiah 64:1-9; Advent 1)

    2020, huh? What a year. I know we joke about how much of a dumpster fire, absolute disaster this year has been, but behind the jokes and levity, there is a real sense of hopelessness this year, isn’t there?
    We’re in the middle of a global pandemic, which, despite how you might feel…

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