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Blog posts June 2023

The Forgotten God: The Grief of the Spirit

    There’s a really scary verse in the gospels that talks about an unforgivable sin, the sin of blaspheming the Holy Spirit. We’re told that anything can be forgiven or pardoned except this sin. Do not blaspheme the Holy Spirit.
    It’s not likely that any of us in church regularly on …

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The Forgotten God: The Empowerer

    We’ve been learning about the Holy Spirit. Who He is, what He does in us and how He moves in the church. Today, we talk about the Spirit, the empowerer. It’s one of the incredibly important ways the Spirit works in each of us, as individuals, but also in the corporate body of the church. Wit…

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The Forgotten God: The Intercessor

    Charles Spurgeon once preached what in his judgment was one of his poorest sermons. He stammered and floundered, and when he got through felt that it had been a complete failure. He was greatly humiliated, and when he got home he fell on his knees and said, "Lord, God, thou canst do somethin…

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