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Los Lunas Cornerstone

Church of the Nazarene

Blog posts May 2023

The Forgotten God: The Role of the Spirit

    When I was learning how to drive and in college working for a pizza delivery company that took me all over a new city, I didn’t have access to GPS. GPS systems just were still really new, and really expensive and it was definitely out of my price range as a high school student and college st…

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The Parakletos

Guest Preacher: Allison Storch

The Forgotten God: The Attributes of the Spirit

    Thursday was Star Wars Day. It’s May the 4th every year, which sounds a lot like the Star Wars catch phrase, “May the force be with you.” So of course, I wore my best Star Wars T-shirt and send nerdy Star Wars texts to my family, because I like Star Wars. If you’re not familiar with Star War…

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