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Blog posts April 2021

Study (Ruth 1)

    When I was taking my ministry preparation classes, one of the first classes I took was titled “Preaching and Teaching”, and the goal of this class was to give ministers and future ordained ministers tools and methods for preaching and teaching a Biblically founded sermon or lesson. Part of t…

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Bethel (Genesis 28:10-16)

    Jacob came from an established line of people who walked with God. Jacob’s father, Isaac followed God and leaned on God’s guidance for his life. Jacob’s grandfather, Abraham, had a very intimate relationship with God, and heard His voice regularly. Abraham was a great man of faith, who regul…

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Listen (1 Samuel 3:1, 7-10)

    In his book, Whisper, Mark Batterson gives the story of a very renowned opera singer. This opera singer, a man, had an incredible vocal range spanning several octaves. One morning after a particularly exhaustive show, the man woke up to find that he could no longer hit some of the higher …

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Resurrect (John 11:25-26)

    He is Risen!
    Happy Resurrection Sunday! It’s so good to see all of you today, I’m glad you’re here.
    Who needs some good news today? Good, because that’s what today is all about. It’s about good news. It’s about the best news, really.
    My message this mornin…

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Holy Week Devotions













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