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Blog posts June 2020

The Lord is With Him (1 Samuel 16)

    This morning we’ll meet a person in the Bible who was a very important person; one of the most important in the Old Testament. His story and his writings take up a good portion of the Old Testament. His introduction here though, is humble in many ways, but even with his humble introduction, …

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Co-Dependent (1 Samuel 15)


    There are few words that sum up the Western culture like the word independent. We like the idea of independence, don’t we? From the time we signed our nation’s declaration of independence, we have been drawn to the idea of independence. It’s what lured people out of the east and into t…

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Take Your Stand (1 Samuel 12)

    Today we’ll look at the last public address Samuel makes. We’ve seen through the passages we’ve studied in 1 Samuel that at this point, Samuel is old and one of the factors in the people deciding they wanted a king was because of Samuel’s advanced age. The people knew he wouldn’t be able to …

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Living Proof--1 Samuel 10 & 11

    I think we’re all probably familiar with the phrase, “actions speak louder than words,” right? I think the phrase is probably self-explanatory, but just in case, the idea is that what we do, says more about our beliefs and who we are, than what we say. What we say, must be backed by what we …

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