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Blog posts July 2020

Foxhole Desperation (1 Samuel 28)


    In 1942, U.S. military chaplain William Thomas Cummings, preached a sermon on the field during the Battle of Bataan. During this field sermon, it is said that chaplain Cummings first uttered the statement that, “There are no atheists in foxholes.” The phrase caught fire, and just 12 ye…

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For Your Good (1 Samuel 19)


    Today’s passage will show us that things got much worse for David before they got better. Today, we’ll look at 1 Samuel 19 and the series of attempts that Saul made on David’s life. But that’s not what our focus will be on today. Instead, I want us to look at all the ways that God used…

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What About Him/Her? (1 Samuel 18)

    Today’s message is one that I believe applies to each and every Christian at some point in their walk with the Lord. It’s an issue that is seen not only in the New Testament, but throughout the entire Bible, and if we’re wise, we’ll learn from the examples we’re given so we can grow into mat…

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The Living God (1 Samuel 17)


    You know what I really like? I really like when you hear a song a dozen times and it’s a great song, but on the 13th listen, you connect with it in a deeper way that really speaks to you and you never listen to the song the same way again. Or a good book, that you can read several time…

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