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Blog posts March 2023

The Bread and Cup (The Symbols of Easter)

    I’m sure I’ve shared this insight before, but just in case you’ve never heard it, here’s a little story I want to share with you. It was a few years ago, before I received my ordination, I was taking classes to prepare for ministry. One of these classes was about the history of the early Chr…

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The Crown of Thorns (The Symbols of Easter)

    The Crown of Thorns is our next Easter symbol as we examine all the symbols and images that we associate with Eastertide and Resurrection Sunday. We’ve learned about the Lamb, that in the Bible, the Lamb is a symbol of sacrifice, and it reminds us of the debt Jesus paid for our sins. We lear…

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The Cross (The Symbols of Easter)

    Last week, as we started our series on the Symbols of Easter, we talked about the Lamb. The Lamb, we discovered through passages in the Old and New Testaments, is a symbol of the blood price paid for the debt of our sins, a debt we all owe. It’s a symbol of sacrifice, a symbol of a debt paid…

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Missions Service with John Moore

Special Missions Service with Nazarene missionary John Moore. Hear what God is doing through His people all around the world!

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The Lamb (The Symbols of Easter)

    Today marks the beginning of a series I’m going to preach in the weeks leading up to Resurrection Sunday, that will explore the Symbols of Eastertide. We’ll talk about the cross, we’ll talk about the crown of thorns, we’ll talk about lilies, and we’ll talk about palm branches, but today we’r…

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