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Blog posts August 2020

Trouble Brewing (2 Samuel 5 & 6)

    We’re diving back into the history of God’s people this morning, to continue to get a good picture of the entire Old Testament. Today, we’ll be starting the book of 2 Samuel, and we’re going to start this morning with a video that covers 2 Samuel so we can see what we’ll be looking at in the B…

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Romans 6:1-11

Guest Preacher--Allison Storch

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Are Our Rights Right? (1 Corinthians 8)

Guest Preacher--Allison Storch

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Legacy (1 Samuel 31)

    Have you ever given much thought to what will be said of you after you have left this earth? That might seem like a morbid thought, but maybe one worth having anyway. What will others say about the life you lived? What will they think about your choices and your actions toward others? What will …

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