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Blog posts October 2019

The Harlot (Joshua 2)

    This morning’s passage features a story that most people in the church are familiar with: it’s the story of Rahab.
    I remember when I was about ten or eleven, my brother and I had these Bible stories on tape. Now, they wouldn’t just read the Bible story aloud. They were dramatized on …

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I Will Be With You (Joshua 1)

    We’ve been entrenched in prayer the past few weeks, and from talking with many of you, I have been greatly encouraged by what the Spirit is doing and how He is moving as we press into deeper prayer lives. I want to keep that going, I want us to continue to deepen our prayer lives. I challenged y…

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Before I Die... (Deuteronomy 34)

    Today will be our last Sunday in Deuteronomy. We will be looking at the last chapter of Deuteronomy, chapter 34. The end of Deuteronomy marks a shift, a changing point in the history of God’s people. After this chapter, they will no longer be a people group wandering through the desert, they wil…

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