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Los Lunas Cornerstone

Church of the Nazarene

Using Online Services

~Gather your family

~Make video screens as big as you can

~Pray before service, ask the Spirit to lead you and your family in worship. Ask Him to be present as you worship and listen to God's Word. Worship and listen together.

~Click the link for the worship set. Allow the Spirit to humble your hearts to a place of genuine heart worship of our amazing Lord.

~Read the verses together.

~Listen to the sermon together, take notes, just as you would during a normal Sunday service.

~Prayerfully consider continuing your tithes and offerings during this time. You can give online at

Sunday Service, May 16


Church Announcements:

  • We meet for prayer every Sunday morning at 8:30, Sunday evening at 6:30, and Tuesday evening at 6:30. Please join us in praying for our church and community at this time. Feel free to come ask for any prayer needs you may have.
  • We are asking that our entire congregation join us in praying Ephesians 2:20-22 for our church, daily at 2:22 pm. During this time, we are praying for our congregation to be built into a spiritual house for the Lord!
  • We are looking for volunteers who are willing and able to help with grounds keeping around the church. Talk to Pastor Alanna, Doug Williams, or Kent Pfeifer if this is something you're interested in.

Worship through Giving

We know this is a difficult and uncertain time for many, but we trust that God is faithful, and asks us to be faithful as well.

If you feel led, with a willing and glad heart, please continue to give your tithes and offerings here:

Worship Service

Please join our live feed on Facebook at 11 am. The recorded service will be available online after the live service.


MAY 9--Mission, Matthew 28:20

Due to the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) in New Mexico, Cornerstone Church will be having Sunday services in a hybrid online/in person format. We encourage those who are vulnerable in the population to stay home and stay safe. Please use this time to pray for our world, the guidance of our nation and state, and for God's people to be a beacon of hope and peace in this time. Please pray for miracles. Be the church. Call those who are in self-isolation alone and offer to pray with them over the phone. Offer to bring the elderly groceries so they do not have to risk their health by going to the store.

Thank you,

Pastor Alanna