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What is the Most/Best Challenge?

The Most/Best 30 Day Challenge is found at, and is a 30 day challenge to ALL PEOPLE to spend 1 Hour or more a day with Jesus in intentional prayer, worship, and Word reading to grow your relationship with Jesus in ways that will surprise you! The challenge is to give Him the most and best of our days! Materials can be found here: Most/Best Challenge.

Join us starting June 5, 2022 for this LIFE CHANGING challenge to shake up your faith and reform your devotions! You won't regret it!

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Most Best Week 3 Worship

Click HERE for the suggested playlist for week 3 of the Most/Best Challenge.

Most/Best Week 2 Worship

Click HERE to go to the suggested week 2 worship playlist.

Most/Best Week 1 Worship

Click HERE to go to the suggested worship list for week 1.